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Real-Time Credit Limit Automation

Every month, a significant number of transactions are unsuccessful due to customers exceeding their credit limits. Discover how is-land System and Confluent’s data streaming platform help to reduce unsuccessful transactions and deliver a better customer experience. 


     is-land Systems is proud to be a part of the Build with Confluent initiative. By verifying our streaming-based use cases with Confluent, you can have confidence that our Confluent-based service offering is not only built on the leading data streaming platform but also verified by the experts at Confluent.

     Confluent is the data streaming platform that is pioneering a fundamentally new category of data infrastructure that sets data in motion. Confluent’s cloud-native offering is the foundational platform for data in motion – designed to be the intelligent connective tissue enabling real-time data, from multiple sources, to constantly stream across the organization. With Confluent, organizations can meet the new business imperative of delivering rich, digital front-end customer experiences and transitioning to sophisticated, real-time, software-driven backend operations.


  • Large number of transactions failed due to insufficient customer credit limits.

  • Customers with good credit history should be given an immediate increase in credit limits.

  • Limitations of the existing data infrastructure not able to compute consumer spending limits and credit limits in real-time, resulting in poor customer experience and customer churn.


  • Synchronize credit card transaction information from the credit card systems
    using CDC (Change Data Capture).

  • Use JDBC source Connector to ingest customer data that is related to credit limits
    into Confluent.

  • Transform CDC data using KStreams to prepare it for subsequent analysis and calculate the customer's monthly spending and determine if it has reached 70% of the limit threshold.

  • The credit limit model determines the new credit limit and writes the data back into Confluent and a consumer application will send notification to customers by SMS


  • The solution enables real-time communication and interaction with events to harness the value of the
    real-time data.

  • With Confluent we can accelerates enterprise innovation to enhances
    customer experiences and therefore reduce customer churn

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